Jorge Cocco Santángelo

“Book of Mormon Collection” – (Click to see more)

Nephi returns
Nephi returns
Y mi padre también murió - Jorge Cocco
Y mi padre también murió – Jorge Cocco
Helamán y los 2000 guerreros jóvenes
Helamán and the 2000 young warriors
La batalla del río Sidón - Jorge Cocco
Battle scene
Alma confiriendo el Sacerdocio - Jorge Cocco
Alma priesthood
Nefi ora con la Liahona
Nephi prays with the Liahona
Cristo revisa las planchas
Christ and the plates in America
Venid a mi. Jorge Cocco
Come to me.
Lehi el soñador
Lehi and the Liahona
Lehi in the desert
Lehi in the desert
el sueño de Lehi
Lehi’s dream
El último historiador
Mormón and the plates
becoming captain
Mormon young soldier
Samuel en lamanita
Samuel the Lamanite
Llegada a la tierra prometida
Arriving to the promised land
El Guardián
Moroni, the guardian
No hubo un pueblo más feliz
Rey Benjamin
King Benjamin
Ammarón y Mormón
Ammarón y Mormón
Cristo con los doce discípulos en América
Christ and the twelve disciples in America
Las aguas de Mormón
Waters of Mormon
Cristo en America
Christ in America
Las profecias de Samuel
Prophesies of Samuel



2 Replies to ““Book of Mormon Collection” – (Click to see more)”

  1. I am deeply moved by your artwork. The Book of Mormon series, the Christ series, the Parables series, etc. They are simply incredible. These are pieces of art that I actually want adorning the walls of my home. Your non-traditional LDS artwork style greatly appeals to me! I was also excited to learn that you lived for a time in Puebla. My little family will be moving from California to the Puebla area this coming summer 🙂

  2. Thank you Kristiina. You are very kind to say so. We lived in Puebla, Mexico for about 8 years. I am sure you will enjoy it!

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